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Review of in app purchases in the 30 top grossing apps

in app purchases
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Here are a few results from yesterdays 30 top grossing iOS games in-app purchases research on iTunes:

93% of the top 30 grossing iOS games used in app purchases
-53% of the top 30 grossing games have 10 or more different in app purchases
-40% of top grossing games have between 4 and 7 used in app purchases.
-Nearly all app purchases end in “.99” for the top grossing games.
-40% of the 10 top grossing games yesterday had a in-app purchase of $99.99.
Most expensive in-app purchases in any game in the 30 top grossing games yesterday was $99.99

While doing some research on the top grossing games & in-apps at the minute so found this interesting piece: 5 Tips for Boosting Virtual Economies. Discusses how many items to display in store at a time, store navigation, location & UI. Definitely like Halfbricks ‘counterfeit machine.’ Clever stuff.

in app purchases mobile apps

in app purchases mobile appsin app purchases mobile apps

And here’s a good reason why to use $9.99 and $19.99 price points for in-apps.

And here’s a great podcast by W3i. A few genius tips in here.

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