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Amazon FBA Consulting


I can help you to start and grow your Amazon FBA business.

Elaine Heney grew her Amazon FBA business to 6 figures in revenue in just 10 months, in 6 countries.

Are you starting your FBA business? Or growing an existing Amazon business? Need a listing reviewed? Ask Elaine anything. 100% confidential.

Elaine will be opening some slots for private 1-1 Amazon consulting soon.

The consulting fee is $497 for 40 mins. To sign up, you will need to

1. Read the topics I can help you with below. For VAT, tax and legal issues you need to consult a tax professional.
2. Pay via paypal below
3. Get a ton of help on our consulting session together.

Cost: $497
40 minute Amazon FBA consulting

If you have any questions, please email: [email protected]

List of common consultancy topics:

– Starting an FBA business
– Product research & sourcing products
– Supplier research
– Samples
– Great US & European freight forwarders
– Labelling
– Launching
– Reviews
– Customer emails
– Project management tools for Amazon
– Getting your refunds/reimbursements back from Amazon
– Keywords & listing optimsation
– Selling in 5 European countries
– Automating & outsourcing your business
– Outsourcing customer service
– Business strategy
– Selling your business
– How to release products faster
– Inventory management to not run out of stock
– Easy way to track all your revenue, Amazon fees and costs and profit
– Selling during Q4

Topics not covered:

– Sales tax (you need to contact a tax consultant)
– European VAT (you need to contact a tax consultant)
– Registering on sellercentral in UK as a USA person (I haven’t done this)
– Flat files
– Selling in .ca & .mx
– Company structures, tax, legal issues

Cost: $497
40 minute Amazon FBA consulting