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A few months ago I realised that to really be in control of my business, I really needed to learn how to program the basics in xCode. Not even program though, as I’m not a programmer. Just to know enough to do 5 minute tweaks if I needed to. Things like reskinning an app, uploading to Apple, and putting in the two main ad networks, Revmob & Chartboost. I spent a bit of time and a good few sleepless nights trying to figure this all out. Got through it, and honestly this information has been truly invaluable when dealing with developers and also publishing apps quickly myself and updating ad options.

A few weeks ago I made some videos going through this all, step by step, geared towards total beginners, which is exactly what I was when I started. They’ve been live for about 2 weeks, and a lot of my friends have been going through them for me to test them and see if they work. Here is some of the feedback I’ve got so far.

“Brilliant! This course really takes you by the hand. Great intro to Xcode and covers in great detail tasks that you can easily do yourself to save on development cost. And once you’ve got your confidence up around Xcode, the sky’s the limit!Wei L.

“Excellent and Comprehensive. This course is fantastic; invaluable to anyone trying to learn these skills, and taught by someone who really knows what she is talking about. Highly recommend this excellent and comprehensive course!” Nikki O.

“Excellent Information Just What I Needed. I have been wanting to learn this stuff and this course is a huge help. With this course you can learn in a matter of hours as compared to days or weeks trying to figure it out yourself. What a time saver this is. Thanks so much for making this available!” Don W.

“Comprehensive and Very Informative. Very useful and helpful course. Clear and concise, it is a great tool for novices like myself and provides excellent grounding for xcode – makes the prospect of dealing with xcode much less scary! Would highly recommend.” Prudence

“Bravo! Just what was needed in moving forward with app development. This course is a MUST HAVE for any app developer.” Gloryvee

“Great course and it will save you hours, no days of frustration trying to figure out this stuff out on your own.” David L.

“Great guide to re-skinning and adding ads! Just what I needed to get up and running quickly!!!” John.

“Awesome course! Really informative and easy to understand. Superb!!” Lat.

“Hey Elaine, wanted to let you know I just bought my first source code for 100.00 for ipad iphone and android not that the android mattered but it was a nice plus anyways it was from one of the sites you recommend. And I’m working my way through your videos and they are awesome, no really they are. Most of the time when I watch videos I get bored with all the nonsense chat, but you get right to the point and stay with it. So I wanted to say thank you for pointing me in the right direction and for the video.” L.

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Elaine Heney is an online entrepreneur, triple #1 best selling author and international keynote speaker. Elaine is an Amazon FBA ecommerce advisor, investor, Hollywood movie producer, online business consultant and CEO of Chocolate Lab Cashflow. Elaine has also published over 300 mobile apps across Amazon, Apple & Google, and enjoyed over 20 million app downloads and over 50 #1 apps worldwide.

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