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How to set up Gamecenter leaderboards in iTunesconnect

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After your developer has set up gamecenter in your app, it can be useful to know how to set up gamecenter in iTunesconnect. Here are the steps to set up a simple leaderboard.

1 click manage gamecenter

1. Open iTunesconnect and login. Click on your app icon and then click on the blue ‘manage gamecenter’ button on the right.

2 select single game

2. Select single game.

3 click add leaderboard

3. Click ‘add leaderboard.’

4 single leaderboard

4. Choose ‘single leaderboard.’

5 complete leaderboard

5. Complete the following

– Type in a reference name (similar to your game name)
– Put in your leaderboard ID. You need to get this from your developer. This ID needs to be the same text as you / your developer put into the “(void) submitScore:(int)Score” in xCode.
– Score format type is integer.
– Sort order high to low
– You can leave the score range blank

6 add language

6. Click the add language button.

7 language

7. Add a language as in the screenshot above and upload your app icon as the picture.

8 save

8. Press save. Now go back to the main page that has all of your app details on it and scroll down the page to the end.

9 app page

9. The gamecenter button is disabled, so you need to enable it. Then click leaderboards > edit.

10 select leaderboard

10. Then select your leaderboard and press save.

Job done!

Here is a quick overview of uploading an app to the store.

If you found these steps useful, please share it with your colleagues in the app business.

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  • Brian December 20, 2013, 8:49 pm

    Save a week by remembering step #9!

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