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iPhone mobile app source code for sale

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I get a TON of emails every week from people wanting to know how to get started in the app business.

– “Where can I find great code that hasn’t been reskinned a million times already?”
– “Whats the most cost effective way to get my first app published?”
– “Can I really make money with IAPs in reskinned games?”

The answer is yes.

But I won’t lie to you. Apple wants quality, fun apps & games that offer the user a great experience. Finding great source code is very difficult.

Are you:

1) Fed up of wasting time with code that doesn’t work?
2) Turned off by using code that everyone else has used 1,000 times before?
3) Focused on retention & monitization, rather than publishing games that offer little to no real value to the user?

Welcome to Chocolate Lab Source codes. We sell proven, quality, app codes to help you grow your app business, faster & cost effectively.

Check out our available source codes here.

To be first to hear of new source codes, sign up to our hot reskin code list below.

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Elaine Heney is an online entrepreneur, triple #1 best selling author and international keynote speaker. Elaine is an Amazon FBA ecommerce advisor, investor, Hollywood movie producer, online business consultant and CEO of Chocolate Lab Cashflow. Elaine has also published over 300 mobile apps across Amazon, Apple & Google, and enjoyed over 20 million app downloads and over 50 #1 apps worldwide.

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  • Elaine Heney February 28, 2014, 8:48 pm

    Every time I see this guy I start laughing. Not sure why but its been going on for weeks now :)

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