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13 Blog Posts that will Change the Way you Publish Apps in the New Year

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It’s nearly the end of 2013…. I can’t believe it went so quickly!

Here are my top 13 blog posts that will change the way you grow your app business in 2014.


1. 10 things you need to know starting an app business.

Why you’ll love it: If you are starting off an app business there are a lot of mistakes you can make and a TON of ways you can lose money. This business is hard work and learning from others who are more experienced than you is critical. When you are starting an app business, this post will save you a lot of time and money.

2. The Haystack Method – How to find a Rockstar Developer

Why you’ll love it: Everyone needs a great developer. But finding one is like looking for a needle in the Haystack. Enter – the Haystack Method. This is the method I devised after about 6 months of hiring and firing 1,000’s of bad developers and it works really well for me.

3. How to lower your app development costs

Why you’ll love it: As with any startup business, money is tight and you can’t afford to waste any. This is an awesome post by Mr. Saveintons (gettit?!) on how to lower your app development costs and save money.

4. 12 ways to be more productive and grow your business

Why I love it: Now don’t get me wrong, I love the app business. But at the end of the day it is just a job… there are lots of other things I love to spend my time doing.. Hanging out in Dublin with my friends, travelling, exploring new places on the back of a motorbike in Bali… I love this post as it really helps you to be more productive, spend less time at your computer and more time living your life.

5. How 26 Top Entrepreneurs Can Help your App Business

Why I love it: Apps is an amazing high potential industry to be involved in today, but actually a lot of what we do is what any tech startup needs to do to be successful. Here is some great advice from 26 top entrepreneurs on what you need to do to be successful.

6. The toughest part about starting a business is refusing to give up.

Why you’ll love it:Starting and running a business was never supposed to be easy. There are definitely times you want to jump around the room and punch the air in delight. And there are also times you wonder is it really worth all the hassle? This post will help you get through the tough times.

7. 10 things that changed my life, after I quit my fulltime job to make iPhone apps

Why I love it: This is a list of everything I learned after quitting my job and making apps for 1 year. It was always a dream of mine to run a successful startup and being able to finally write this post, made me realise that dreams do some true if you work hard & smart enough.

8. How Entrepreneur and Kissmetrics Got It Wrong About How To Get More App Downloads

Why you’ll love it: There are gurus and there are GURUS. I find it’s always worth qualifying the advice you get about apps, based on the success and history of the person giving it to you. Here I uncover some inaccuracies in a ENTREPRENEUR published post and I tell you what EXACTLY works to get downloads in the app industry today.

9. Chocolate Lab App University and Radio Show

Why you’ll love it: Everyone needs a little help sometimes, so in November 2013 we launched our new online App University, so anyone in the world can learn how to make, publish, market and monitise mobile apps. Here’s some of the early feedback:

I wish I had taken this course a year ago! This course clearly outlines what to do, how to do and why you must do it. I have learned a lot of this on my own the hard way with frustrating results. So nice to have all these best practices summed up with training in one spot! I will recommend this course wholeheartedly to anyone just getting in the app business. It has saved me a lot of time and gotten me back on a forward path! ~ Adrienne

10. Get a life, get a virtual assistant

Why I love it: Hiring a Virtual Assistant was one of the BEST things I did in my app business. It has earned me at least 4 extra hours a day that I did not have before. Also it removed a lot of the tedious work that was dragging me down… uploading screenshots, entering in metadata, creating ad ids.. If you find you don’t have enough hours in the day, hiring a VA would be a must-do task for 2014.

11. How to Escape the Rat Race and Unpredict the Future

Why I love it: This I adore. This post represents exactly the type of business I wanted to create – a profitable business with a passive income stream, which allows me to work from anywhere in the world. In this case it was Bali, Indonesia with an amazing group of international entrepreneurs.

12. App Success Stories and Lessons Learned

Why you’ll love it:Hearing real life stories and experiences from other Indies is a great way to get motivated, learn some new things and be part of a community. Here are some stories from the Chocolate Lab Blog readers.

13. 40 App Companies That Are So Good, You May Have to Fire Someone

Why you’ll love it:This is the MUST HAVE list of companies every app developer in the world needs to be on first name terms with. I love all of these companies and they have helped me grow my app business to where it is today.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading these, and please do share them with any app developers in your communities.

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Do you have an other favourite app blog posts from 2013? Let me know in the comments.

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