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Million Dollar Yo App Gets Hacked and Goes Viral – how this affects you

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Yo. Yo? Yo! A likely conversation on the new Yo app. What started as a simple & fast way for Moshe Hogeg to get in touch with this wife and assistant via smartphone, has turned into a viral app. It’s already got hacked and has been pledged $1.2 million in Silicon Valley funding. So what happened & what does it mean for app developers?

1. Simple is best.

Anything that solves a perceived problem, saves time, and does it very simply, has a crack at success on the app store. You don’t need team of developers and $1m in venture funding to get started. Social networking apps are hot right now. Simple ones even more so.

2. Create a buzz via online tech press

One or two strategic posts on popular sites like Business Insider, Time & the Wall Street Journal, can blow up to serious download numbers. On Jun 19, in an interview with the Yo team they said they had 60,000 users. The next day after the article was published, Yo had updated their user base to 200000 users.

3. Never underestimate the power of the app store.

The app store distribution reach is phenomenal. It’s had over 75,000,000,000 downloads

4. Have Silicon Valley investors lined up to give you money.

You may not have heard of Product Hunt before. It’s the website every Silicon Valley investor is using to find out the ‘next big thing’. Looks like it worked so far for Yo, with $1.2 million pledged in funding already, and offers for more.

5. What this means for you.

So here is the really interesting part of the story. Moshe Hogeg is the CEO of a company. His background is interesting – from a commander in the Israel Defences Forces, to working in a sports company and as a social media manager at Nike. He’s not a programmer. But like thousands of people before him, he had an app idea, found someone with the technical skills needed, and made it happen.

This is a story that’s been repeating all over the app store right now. No longer is it the battlefield for developers to share their software. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a influx of people who had great app ideas, hired outsourced teams to develop them, & were very successful.

The bottom line is you don’t need to be a developer to publish a hit app to the store.

Read these 3 success stories:

  • Read how 2 brothers quit their jobs and now run a successful 5 figure a month app business.
  • How an office worker published over 45 apps and makes $600 a day.
  • What happened after one horse trainer & manager quit her job to make apps.

  • Here are 2 fast ways to get started:

    1. Take an app course & learn how to come up with great ideas, hire a great developer & get your app published.

    2. Buy pre-made app templates & source code, change the art and hire a developer for a few hours to do some tweaks, and get your app in the store asap.

    So – do you have a great app idea? Have you worked with an outsourced team yet?

    Or are you simply sending hundreds of ‘yo’ messages to your friends every day? Let me know in the comments below.

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