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Flappy Bird has been deleted from the app store

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Yesterday Dong tweeted this message:

no more

And just now, the Flappy Bird game was removed from the app store.

While sceptics have said this is yet another marketing angle, a continued lack of any evidence of a marketing team or budget, points to one conclusion. The unexplained meteoric rise of Flappy Bird has left both Dong and the world mystified. And the negative blacklash of the games success, has proven too much for its developer.

Dong himself has said that the success and attention brought to him by this game has ruined his ‘simple life’ and that he is ‘not an entrepreneur’. He is an indie game maker – something which he views as a different entity.


Here’s what we know for sure:

  • Flappy Birds is no more – for now at least.
  • Dong has proven that life is not all about the money.
  • Dong will continue to make games. He’s still got 2 games in the app store.
  • Flappy Bird has shown hope for indie developers in the app store.

  • But I hope that this is not the last we hear from Dong Nguyen.


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