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3 Day App Event – from the beaches of Spain


Join my 3 day online free app business event tomorrow – from the beach in Spain. Sign up here.

Find out how I start my app business, how I grew my app business and how you can also work from a beautiful country with warm sunshine & beaches in November.

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Last night I was at a roof top party in a Spain, with a group of amazing entrepreneurs and digital nomads from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Italy & France.


We had a beautiful BBQ overlooking the Atlantic, drank way too much rum and started a really interesting discussion on the best places in the world for location independent entrepreneurs to work from.

We swapped places we had visited and over the course of the evening we figured out the criteria needed to find a great co-working space for digital nomad types:

1. Great internet access.

There’s nothing worse that being somewhere beautiful and stressing out because you haven’t been in contact with your team in 3 days and you KNOW it’s costing you money & slowing down your business. [click to continue…]



Yo. Yo? Yo! A likely conversation on the new Yo app. What started as a simple & fast way for Moshe Hogeg to get in touch with this wife and assistant via smartphone, has turned into a viral app. It’s already got hacked and has been pledged $1.2 million in Silicon Valley funding. So what happened & what does it mean for app developers?

1. Simple is best.

Anything that solves a perceived problem, saves time, and does it very simply, has a crack at success on the app store. You don’t need team of developers and $1m in venture funding to get started. Social networking apps are hot right now. Simple ones even more so. [click to continue…]

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This is a guest post by Chris Chidgey.

If you would have told me that my best performing series of apps could increase revenue, increase retention, and provide a better user experience 6 months after its launch while downloads continued the downward trend – I would not have believed you.

After all – we had implemented best practices for both ad placements and ad types. We implemented the most popular, top-performing ad networks. We had experimented with mobile polling, ad mediation and creating our own ads with affiliate offers.

This series of apps had not been our first. We were a little more experienced and ready to take some chances by implanting a virtual currency system and offering hints and skips that were purchased using – what is called – a “hard” virtual currency. [click to continue…]